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December 23, 2005
We have posted a special Christmas surprise for the loyal fans who have stuck around over the years. Click here to read it!

November 14, 2005
It has been three years since RTS went offline and in those three years I've learned that a lot of people have been reading old RTS episodes through this Tripod site. The directory here only listed up until episode 89, but a few resourceful people learned that if you changed the episode number on the filename, you could access all the way through episode 119, which ended in Pam tragically being hit by a car.

But, for those of you who never read RTS before or for those of you who had forgotten, you were left wondering about the fate of Pam, her twins, and the rest of the cast. Thanks to the actions of one former reader (thanks Kris!) I have decided to dig up the old episodes. It wasn't an easy task, as all of them were on an older computer of mine that crashed and burned a few years ago. But, the computer was in storage at my parent's house so I went there and took out the old hard drive and managed to salvage everything off of it.

Up until tonight, I didn't have the password to log into the archives site, but I ran into Chad (former writer/web-designer for RTS) on AOL and he had the password. So, we spent most of the night online getting everything back online and testing to make sure it all works and every episode was accessible. Some of the later episode titles and dates may not be accurate, as those were lost to time, but all of the episodes are now here. So, enjoy them and please e-mail us and let us know what you think after all these years!

I know looking back now, I don't know what we were thinking on a lot of the older episodes, but by the later ones I feel like we had our act mostly together and had some decent storylines. At any rate, they were fun for me to read again, as bad as some of them were.

Welcome to Return to Southfork, a fan-created web-series dedicated to continuing the popular 80s primetime series, Dallas.

The RTS page premiered on April 11, 1998 and a little over a month later, episode one, The Return to Southfork was posted. The series ended in 2002, after 137 episodes.

We would like to thank all of you readers who have kept the memory of RTS alive over the years. RTS can now be reached here if you would like to send any comments.

"DALLAS: RTS" is copyright ©1998-2005 RTS Productions. "DALLAS", its characters, logos, and pictures found within this site are ©Warner Bros./Lorimar Productions. This page is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Warner Bros., Lorimar Productions, CBS, or the cast/crew of "DALLAS." The characters used in these fanfictions are owned by the above companies, and use by the authors is purely for enjoyment purposes only, as nothing of monetary value is made from these stories.... just fans having fun. No episodes or images from this website may be used without prior permission from the site owner. The pictures of actors/actresses are by no means representative of their approval of this site/fan-fiction and are used for illustrative purposes only. No infringement is intended on anyone or anything. This page is in no way affiliated or connected with the "Return to Southfork" Dallas reunion special that recently aired.